Reuben Sparks

One Cowrie Shell is the first novel by Reuben Sparks. Originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and now living in Panama City, Florida, retirement from the Air Force gave him time to complete a life long dream of publishing books.  A fascination with culture, history, human development, religion, liberation theology and a career as a an Intelligence Officer provide the backdrop for many themes that emerge. 

My favorite authors are John Grisham and Lorraine Hansberry.

One Cowrie Shell is my first fiction novel.  I have ideas for five more stories of fiction and three works of nonfiction. Most of my books will be about relationships, the human condition and community development.  

I am married and the father of two wonderful adult daughters who are both in college.  I enjoy playing the piano, photography, bicycling and traveling. 


One Cowrie Shell is available through Iuniverse the publisher at